Organization security specialists verify potential threats and implement adequate organizational and competence solutions.

We provide training and consultation in the field of security management with particular emphasis on the protection of critical infrastructure and key positions, business continuity planning, risk management, as well as occupational health and safety and rescue.

Workshops are both theoretical and practical, with particular emphasis on proper exercises and threat simulations.

Training in:

Occupational Health and Safety, Fire Safety

We offer professional Occupational Health and Safety and Fire Safety trainings. We address companies which value thoroughness and a professional approach. We consider each order from a Client individually, whether it be a major enterprise or a small, local business. The counselling service consists in constant supervision and problem solving within the range of occupational health and safety, labour law, as well as implementing post-inspection instructions from supervision authorities.


ISO 27001 / RODO We live in the information age, meaning that information has become an essential resource. The key element in every company is securing controlled access to integrated and properly protected information on the processes they carry out. Our experts help to evaluate the context of a performed or planned action, gather the most important safety criteria and manage risk concerning data processing.                                                                                                                                                 


ISO 22301 Management is strictly the realization of goals with restricted access to resources necessary for the realization of an action. The international ISO 22301 norm, in many aspects coincident with the previously abiding British standard BS 25999, allows a proactive development of an organization’s resilience to disruptions by applying verification methods and maintaining the capability of carrying out tasks. Thanks to a system approach to managing operational continuity, the organization minimizes the risk of disruption.


Employment on the post of a cashier can be achieved upon fulfilling certain requirements: one of the key elements is the cashier course, which equips the participant with the most important information relevant for this position. The range of a cashier’s responsibilities depends mostly on the specific position they hold. In case of cashiers dealing in Polish zloty, their qualifications are limited to the Polish currency, whereas various currency cashiers, as well as those dealing both in the Polish zloty and foreign currencies, must go through proper preparation for working with foreign currencies. We encourage you to take up our offer of training services for future cashiers, bank tellers, and currency exchange office employees.


We run workshops addressed to employees whose working environment is connected with direct risk, especially banks and cashier service points. We prepare employees for situations of direct risk: an attack or criminal terror, including the active shooter scenario. We teach people about the recommended behaviour models targeted at limiting the consequences of the occurring threat. Within the workshop we run a situational training: a simulation of potential events.