Personal security

Within the Personal Safety section, we enable individuals and groups to prepare for the eventuality of finding themselves in a situation native to red news strips – fire, gas explosion, traffic accident, robbery, hostage situation, terrorist attack or active killer in a public place.

We conduct workshops and exercises that include controlled simulations of an immediate threat with the participation of security forces.

Training in the scope of:


An active self-defence course is a workshop dedicated to all those who wish to feel more confident in situations of direct threat from oppressors. Experienced self-defence instructors will make sure that the participants acquire self-defence techniques with the use of everyday objects.


The self-defence course addressed to women, based on basic skills of hand-to-hand combat, has been designed to equip the participants with the knowledge and techniques allowing them to face danger.


SUPPORT PACKAGE FOR KINDERGARTENS, SCHOOLS, AND PARENTS. As means of support for educational institutions, we run a safety audit and training for the management staff and the employees. Thanks to a thorough analysis of risks and the applied technical and organizational security measures, the educational institution receives clear-cut support in organizing the process of managing security of persons and site.


Weekend workshops for the entire family, where the participants systematize their knowledge on the topic of contemporary threats. In practical classes we present security techniques which greatly minimize the risk of an attack at home or at the workplace (Panic Room Plan, elements of the RUN-HIDE-FIGHT system), but also in public places or during everyday commuting. The training prepares the participants for potential risk situations, allows them to learn about the psychological aspects of acting under pressure of direct danger, as well as to try out techniques of resistance and fight for survival.


The RUN-HIDE-FIGHT SYSTEM Our SAFE TRAVELLER programme prepares the participants for threats which may occur during their travel, at the airport, during an evening walk along the boulevard, but also in everyday life, at the bank, or at the shopping mall. The programme participants will also acquire the techniques of evacuation, seeking cover, and fighting in direct contact according to the RUN-HIDE-FIGHT system. Our programme also prepares its participants for situations of survival in difficult conditions and contact with security forces who intervene in the place of hazard.