Business Security

ORGANISATION SECURITY specialists assess potential risks and implement adequate organizational and competence solutions. Our offer is holistic and dedicated to companies that value and need reliability and professionalism. Each order is considered individually, no matter whether it is a large industry or a tiny, local company.

In the area of security management, we pay attention to crisis management, planning continuity of operation, risk management, critical infrastructure, as well as fire safety, environment protection, occupational hygiene and life-saving. We recognize and react to physical threats deriving from both your coworkers and third parties. When implementing security, our team also carries out workshops which put an emphasis on threat simulation.


ISO 22301 Management is achieving goals having a limited access to resources indispensable to run the business. An international norm ISO 22301, concurrent with the previously accepted British standard BS 25999, enables to develop organization resilience by providing verification methods and to continue the ability to complete business tasks. Due to the systemic character of operation continuity management, the organization minimizes the risk of disturbance occurrence.

OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY/FIRE REGULATIONS/ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION/INNOVATIVE FACILITY MANAGEMENT supervises and solves the problems connected with occupational health and safety, labour law, fire safety, environment protection, and above all adapting a company’s infrastructure to required regulations. We guarantee substantive preparation and participation during the inspections of supervision authorities and implementation of the recommendations suggested by post-inspection supervision authorities.


ISO 27001/RODO. We live in the era of information which means it constitutes the most important resource. The key element of each company is to secure the controlled access to integrated and properly protected information concerning the processes performed. specialists help to assess the context of the existing or planned activity, gather the most important security criteria and manage the risk related to the data processed.


Of great importance appear to be cyclical trainings in the area of threats concerning the performance of services on the premises of your company, maintenance services and modernization. Apart from being necessarily theoretical, the trainings are most importantly practical. Being organized in the area of the above mentioned threats means comprehensive actions including the identification of threats’ source, dividing into zones, creating a support group and establishing support methods (taking into consideration the TCCC system) and the specification and purchase of necessary life-saving measures.



One can get the job of a cashier having fulfilled certain requirements – among others, a cashier course seems to be indispensable as it familiarizes the participant with the most important information related to this position. The scope of works depends on the position the cashier occupies. In case of cashiers operating a zloty, competencies are limited to the Polish currency, while foreign currency cashiers are obliged to have proper preparation to work with foreign currencies. The range of the above mentioned services is devoted to cashiers, bank workers and currency exchange offices.


Our company provides workshops dedicated to workers whose work environment is exposed to direct threats – especially to banks, cash service points, as well as people travelling around the world while on business trips or meetings. Workers become prepared for the occurrence of direct threats such as assaults, criminal terror or ‘active shooter’. We teach the recommended models aimed at minimizing the effects of threats that have occurred. There is also a situation training carried out within these workshops – the simulation of potential events, including the system RUN – HIDE – FIGHT.


Business security ought to be accompanied by physical security, and our specialists from the group’s personal composition for security together with its subordinate agents, can continuously and directly monitor the current situation. Details concerning physical security can be found in ‘PROTECTION OF PEOPLE AND PROPERTY’.