The scope of services fulfilled in the area of our clients’ safety is a widely understood business, including organizational spectrum and facility infrastructure together with the critical one. What is worth mentioning when it comes to business security is the holistic safety in industry. An inherent part of the system is the physical safety of our client, their relatives and important strategic coworkers – we organize a personal protection system. Applying extensive prevention , we recognize potential threats for their business and for people’s safety. We create periodization od crisis management. The effectiveness of our company is ensured by Modum Operandi, which is based on three independent activity profiles.
Operational profile – when recognizing potential risks, we rely on operational work in the classified protection system.
Preventive profile – when planning and securing our clients’ facilities, we perceive people’s safety as the primary goal.
Intervention profile – when reacting to threats that have occurred.
The strategy taken by is not random as we model it on the procedures earned, accepted and functioning in the special forces, the units of special importance and the rescue services.

Paweł "DIMA" Rybarczyk

Owner/Crisis management expert/Instructor

About us

The hardcore of our team are former officials and soldiers of special units and operational divisions as well as experienced rescuers. Our knowledge and experience are based on yearslong service, anti-terrorist missions, fights with banditism and organized crime.