Industrial Safety

GWARDIA.PRO – HOLISTIC APPROACH TO INDUSTRIAL SAFETY understands industrial safety as a holistic approach, described in more details in ‘BUSINESS SECURITY’ that is an integral part of any industry. This form of management or support of security is dedicated to companies which value reliability and professionalism. Nowadays in most industries, business management is treated separately from an integral security system, including only some of their areas, and simultaneously creating shortfalls in safety understood as monolith, which in turn results in poor resilience to external and internal threats.

For, the management of business security means permanent threats’ monitoring, determining priorities and balancing expenses in this area according to the needs and possibilities of the company, including regulations, law and financial analysis and cooperation with supervision authorities. This is above all being aware of the possible and occurring threats, but also any works connected with identifying, substantive preparation and trainings of managerial and working staff.

OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY/FIRE REGULATIONS/ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION actively participates in creating the process of safety, formulating manuals and implementing them into business organization after being accepted; it means both formulating procedures, rules and the whole spectrum of physical works in the area of installing horizontal and vertical markings. The service delivered by our team encompasses preparation and participation during supervisions, as well as implementing post-inspection recommendations of supervision authorities. We deal with dangerous works painstakingly, implementing procedural and organizational protection, determining the criteria of equipment necessary to keep the appropriate level of safety, as well as supporting its purchase. When reacting to accidental situations, we prepare the whole company to act in the fire protection area, evacuation and pre-medical assistance.

environment protection, waste management

Companies and their functioning requires obeying the rules and regulations concerning environment protection. Production and services delivered by our clients, waste produced and its management are related to specific requirements, ensuring appropriate infrastructure and equipment. provides support to our clients integrating these works with the occupational health and safety and fire regulations.


Technical and infrastructural support for our client is mainly understood through safety regulations in the areas of occupational and health safety, fire regulations and environment protection. We adapt the facilities to the existing safety conditions. Our resources are not only own forces, but also those deriving from cooperation with other companies on the basis of outsourcing that can perform adequate modernizations in building areas and safety systems.


‘Anyone can become a rescuer’ – this is our motto when implementing the whole security system in business. Under this motto, there are all organizational resources hidden, initially connected with engaging the maximum number of people from the group’s personal composition to provide rescue works at the basic level. One thing is the importance of workers’ being trained from first aid, others are area coordinators and major coordinators. These are also qualified rescuers who deal with threats on higher levels, and finally workers of a security company who integrate in actions that concern identifying industrial threats (in EX and fire areas, dangerous works, fire centers’ service, DGW and substance concentration reading) and in reactions to the threats that have occurred by warning, performing crisis notifications, evacuation and support.


An inherent part of industry security is physical protection, and our specialists from the group’s personal composition for safety together with its subordinate agents can directly and continuously monitor the current situation in the areas above mentioned. The leading aspect of industry security ought to be professionals and properly trained workers that are able to identify threats characteristic for companies of high risk, functioning according to the regulations determined in Sevezo directives. The threat for your business are security workers who only ‘tick the points’ during preventative rounds on the patrol routes. Details concerning physical protection can be found in ‘PROTECTION OF PEOPLE AND PROPERTY’.