Protection of people and property


The key is an experienced team whose greatest advantage is a full spectrum of paramedic, tactical and weapons actions, going in a protective column, recognizing and preventing bomb threats, operational actions in the area of recognizing physical threats and advanced technical security.


(a permanent contract – protection of a client and other people or facilities indicated).

The hardcore of our team are former officials and soldiers of special units, operational and criminal divisions and experienced rescuers. Our knowledge and experience are based on yearslong service, anti-terrorist missions, fights with banditism and organized crime. With the experience acquired when securing critical infrastructure facilities and high – risk facilities, our company provides security for property and people of exceptionally high social or professional status. Our activity profile is determined by the experience gained when providing service with the participation of numerous head of states.


(counteraction and securing extraordinary events).

Occasional situations in which your business or relatives are in danger and there is a necessity to react quickly and unconventionally – our team will recognize, plan and react in an appropriate way to protect your property.


(operational actions based on licensed teams of detectives)

In your surroundings, there are dishonest people, or you may cooperate with dedicated people in your business area. What is eminently important is to recognize potential threats and to protect your property, both in the area of long – term contracts and temporary contracts. Our team will recognize, plan, protect your property and react in an appropriate way.


Technical support is indispensable when it comes to our work, including infrastructure and organization of your premises, manufacturing plants, logistics, etc. Among others, these are mechanical security (preventing third parties from entering the above mentioned) and electronical security, also on the level of analysis, that is CCTV, detection senses, fire protection systems. They protect your goods against accidental or intentional third party activity on your private premises or the premises of your company. Monitoring in the area of your business together with the key and access control systems will assess the closest surroundings and protect your possessions and relatives from dishonest third party activity.